With the pen, this is plenty of resolution for pixel-accurate control on a x display. Neither end retracts significantly into the body of the pen under pressure, or even has a noticeable amount of wobble, in use. Shown below is the crop from a flower photo: Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Things may be different with newer drivers.

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Pens allow for a more comfortable and precise movement, and can even be used regularly for general operating system use if you like. In Portrait mode, you turn the tablet 90 degrees, and the rectangle on the tablet still corresponds to the gfaphire screen.

EXE runs as a high priority task with one real-time priority threadand one quickly discovers that Windows ME doesn’t treat this driver as being very real-time at all.

Graphire Support | Wacom

The pen is handy in graphics and multimedia application, and the mouse is an excellent replacement for your regular wheel mouse. Windows sees the Graphire as an ordinary USB input device and you don’t grzphire to install any software, but in this default mode, both the mouse and the stylus uses absolute positioning.

The pen is a lot easier to use for selections and is more comfortable too. You must be a member to leave a comment.


OK, so how does a mouse with nothing but a blank plastic panel on the bottom work? The driver CD in the Graphire box contains version 4. You hold down the right mouse button or equivalent Pressure test With the tablet having pressure grahire levels, this allows you significantly more control than a mouse can provide.


It’s a less than totally up to date but still impressive “natural media” graphics program, which lets you create digital images with drawing tools that accurately imitate paint and chalk and pencils and so on.

Wacom have provided a grapihre, pen holder and mouse with this Graphire2 tablet. It’s inoffensively styled, usable by right and left handers, and it weighs about as much as a small conventional mouse.

Freeze-ups, and poor response when the “ants are marching” are the only tarnish on this otherwise great product. The only drawback when using a pen in your digital imaging software is going through menus and clicking on icons doesn’t feel so natural or easyas using the mouse. I don’t quite see the sexiness of this, because there’s little Sensiva does that you can’t do with a menu, a keyboard grsphire or, commonly, an obvious icon right there on the screen in front of you.

First the mouse was used to create the selection, as shown below: Plus, it fits perfectly in the space on my messy desk where the mouse pad used to be. The pen is lightweight and easy to hold. By default, “up” is towards the top of the tablet, whether the mouse is aligned that way, or at an angle, or sideways, or upside down. Still not a perfect selection, but far better than the mouse one.


It serves as a transmit and receive graphirr, switching rapidly between the two modes. It’s utterly useless for anything that requires accurate pointing. It’s also just plain fun to scribble with the thing.

vraphire Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. Use this information at your own risk. It’s annoying, but it’s easily fixed; just tweak the sensitivity down. All of the action’s on the circuit board. Whatever you do with the Graphire, therefore, you have to do relatively slowly. Its pointing resolution is lousy.

Downloads to the rescue. For drawing, you might want something a bit bigger since garphire of your time will be spent drawing. According to Steve and others, this should work. You get the Wacom Graphire, that’s what.