To solve this, setupds. For this it’s needed to rename or delete MIDI bank and then reboot. Now it needs to initialize legacy FM. Cards by A-Trend and Hoontech were reported having this. DOS Sound Blaster compatibility: The card should start working, but some games may to work slower.

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Using of newest drivers is important for games, though sometimes older version works better. In case refresh rate in fullscreen differs from which you want, then preliminarily set desktop’s refresh to that value.

YouTubeFacebookWebsite. For normal work you need to set the card to XG mode.

Instead place the speakers farther. Also may be tried to update video driver, chipset drivers.

AOPEN AW Yamaha XG PCI Sound Card | eBay

Overlay of 3 effects at the same time: But we simply have an additional independent stereo-channel to which someone should send the signal. Then increase the average phase until the needed sound is gotten. The bank for VxD drivers in Win9x: But if you’ll convert the music to 48 kHz by software like Cool Edit, then it plays normally. The example of settings for real DOS. With VxD drivers you may fix it in registry: Now it needs to initialize legacy FM.


Yamaha YMF744 Free Driver Download

XG MIDI has rich choice of effects and instruments, what allows using standard bank to play modern music: You’ll receive such picture: The example is Unreal, Unreal Tournament.

Seems like the YMF7x4 cards x; have bad quality. And it’s better not to place the card in slave PCI slots. For example, in some MIDI files you may meet creaking caused by going out of bits grid limits at high Q-factor levels of resonant filters. You can buy a fake card on which will be written YMF,or even The cards without hardware FM have it much worse.

If MIDI also gives stuttering, then computer’s performance is below the needed and you may to turn off some of effects variation, reverb, chorus and Sondius-XG. It’s better to leave legacy SB support only for one of your cards or to disable other cards in the Device Manager on time when you are using Win9x DOS box.


Hang-up of a computer is possible during sound playback. Windows XP has native DS1 driver 5.

In this case an external amplifier is required. In Win95 may be tried to edit system. This write up comes handy Got my first YMF7x4 card today: Generally, it’s better to set cycles xl higher than for games released befor The native XP driver 5.

Examples of potentially problematic games to try different methods of DOS support: The ways to identify a fake card: It has no FM support. Also MD may need Also some games have own sound problems: It needs to type inside DOSBox: