Scanning Procedure Remove any paper clips and staples before loading the document. File Name Conflict Setting Procedures When a File Name Conflicts with others When using the [Scan to PC] feature, you can set the action to be taken when the file name conflicts with another file stored in the destination. Fax Procedure Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass. Fuji xerox apeosport-v ; apeosport-v ; docucentre-v ; docucentre-v office mfp pages. Batch Print Allows you to set batch printing. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

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Enter a new quantity using the numeric keypad. Printing Printing This section describes the print procedure.

Text Displays the [Watermark – Text] screen. Start Current Job Flow Select documents from the mailbox and select this button to start the job flow linked to this mailbox. Staple Position When the finisher is installed, [Staple Position] is displayed. Job Assembly Chapter Start The machine searches through apeospprt flow names that were registered upon each job flow creation. Never throw a toner cartridge into an open flame.

A mailbox needs to be registered beforehand. Secure Watermark managing Document Security “when”, “from which machine”, and “by whom” the document was output.


PDIK [Operating Environment Detail]

Layout Adjustment Standard Size Select the original size from 11 options. The following shows the fax flow and reference sections. Shadow Suppression suppressing The Document Background Image Apeospory Shadow Suppression Suppressing the Document Background When scanning a 2 sided document printed on thin paper, you can suppress the image on the reverse side.

Refer to “[Stamp] Screen” P.

For recovery of scarce resources, Fuji Xerox reuses the rechargeable batteries used in this product after the product is returned. Otherwise, it may fall over and cause injuries. Secure Print Apeosporg stores the print data on the machine, to print it with the print command from the machine side.

Scan Resolution Specifying a Scanning Resolution Output Format Print On Operations During Faxing Operations during Faxing Operations during Faxing The following describes a;eosport available operations during faxing. Transfers using the SMB protocol. Operations During Copying 3 Copy Operations during Copying This section describes available operations during copying.

The job flow automatically starts when a document is stored.

When adjusting the margin amount, set the top and bottom, and left and 77000 values within the range from 0 to 50 mm in 1 mm increments. No prefix string and the page number is added. Auto Center A feature that automatically moves an image to the center of paper when copying.


You can select from 6 positions for the page number.

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Page 4 Scan Visible Signature Adds a visible signature using the certificate of the machine. An optional package is necessary. Image Rotation 3 Copy Corner Shift The document image is shifted to the edges or corners of the paper.

Operations During Scanning 4 Scan Operations during Scanning The following describes the operations available during scanning. Fax Procedure Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass.

ApeosPort-II 7000 Drivers & Downloads

Upright Images Select this item when placing the top of the document facing the inner side of the document glass or document feeder. Head to Toe Select this item when the first and second sides of the document are of the opposite orientation. This feature is called “E-mail Printing”. Scan to PC Browse The [Change Settings] screen is displayed.